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Your GameHosting Support - Personal Support & Professional Quality

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Contains multiple games in one pack, gameswitching anytime

Most Popular Games

Most wanted games that our customers love to play

Call of Duty 4 - Modern Warfare
Counterstrike - Source
Call of duty 2
Medal of Honor - Allied Assault
Team Fortress 2
Garry's mod
Counterstrike - Global Offensive

Coolest features & advantages

This is why we are the best, give it a try!
Pub & Priv : 1 Price You can switch to open and closed whenever you need to.
Advanced Control Panel Manage your server easily. ControlPanel - FTP - online editor...
No hidden costs No setup costs, free fast download (redirect) included.
Game Switching Change the game when you want. Just rent your slots
No limits Fair use datatrafic and mapspace. Instal your mods or maps
Server Monitoring When your service crashes, it reboots automatically.
GameDeals No need to switch? Check the GameDeals with best prices
Personal Support All admins are available for you on Live Chat & Tickets/E-Mail
Prepaid system No contract, no automatic renewals, no subscriptions

About Your GameHosting Support

What do we offer? Why are we special?
Your GameHosting Support is the professional partner for all your game hosting needs. Our main goal is to provide top quality services at affordable prices.
We're inspired by gamers, and use that knowledge to provide perfect quality for gamers. Our years of experience and expertise offers many benefits. We will work tirelessly to provide the same high quality of service unmatched in our industry, not only in the products we offer but in the support we provide to each and every customer.

We have several options. Not only do we provide the standalone gamehosting, where you pick your game out of a list, order it and go play... We also provide gamepacks.
These gamepacks give you the flexibility you're looking for as clan- or serveradmin. With our gamepacks, you order the amount of slots you want for the gamepack of your choice. After that, you're free to choose the game you want to install within that gamepack and you can switch it to another game whenever you want.

Remember those days you had to choose between a private or public server?
And if you ordered a private server, you couldn’t run your server without a password... Good News! At Your GameHosting Support, those days are over.
We offer you a high-quality, low-priced server and you do with it whatever you want. Public, private, modded or vanilla, it’s all up to you!

We all know there's no point having all the top spec equipment and one of the top networks without a decent support team. Providing excellent quality support is also one of our main targets.
If you're a serveradmin or just a casual gamer, it doens't matter. There will also be someone available for you.
If you have troubles with ordering or the billing, there will always be someone available to help you. Need help installing a plugin or a mod? Not a problem! Just stop by and ask.
Do you want to know more between the difference of a gameserver and gamepack? Or anything else... Just come by and our professional support staff will be glad to help further personally. We're available for everybody! We'll try to offer you the best support, in all the meanings of the word.

Personal Support & Professional Quality is Your GameHosting Support's daily mission!